Solid Rock Church of Sedona Bloggers Unite

by: Pastor Patricia Garitson

0116_SRC_Blog_BloggerUniteIt’s 2016 and new things are happening quickly for Solid Rock Church of Sedona, Arizona, and it’s body of believers.

As we start our new blog for 2016, we invite you to stay tuned in with God, with us and our conversation as we progress through the year. We would love for you to sign up as a member to this website and blog at the bottom of this page. Join in the conversation and help us share the good news of what is happening through this blog, sharing our website on your facebook page and encouraging friends and family to tie into the amazing blessings and growth that is occurring!

We feel privileged to be called to Sedona to raise up a strong Christian family who know their God and utilize their gifts accordingly to His wisdom!

Solid Rock Church of Sedona would like to encourage you to equip your life with the same mandate that God instructed according to Ephesians 4. Be empowered to do the work of the ministry that God has placed in your heart. We are dedicated to teach you to run your race with confident assurance that God is behind you in all your dreams and desires.

The way we practically apply this method is by blending the teaching of God’s word with the gifts of the Spirit, which you can read more on here. As the body of Christ we seek to enjoy a church filled with liberty coupled with a powerful atmosphere for God to reveal His Presence and glory. You are welcome at Solid Rock Church of Sedona and it’s International Ministries to become all God has made you to be!

Let’s enjoy 2016 together as a strengthened body of believers!

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