Solid Rock “Women of Wisdom” is a platform to express themselves in leadership, ability, friendship and activation of all women.

In addition to supporting women to reach their potential, we also are women engaged in raising public awareness about the injustice of human trafficking. We are active in outreaches targeted to those exploited by the sex slave trade.

We raise funds and distribute monies to non-profit organizations, that are active in the rescue and/or restoration of women and children. This could include housing, protection, education, medical, health and support of laws that help these less fortunate.

SRC Linda & Mayor

If you would like to support our efforts in setting free the women and/or children, please give a donation today to our “Walking Free” fundraising ministry.

Enjoy the sacred, restful space where you can connect with the Lord in prayer, communion and intimacy. Located In the SRC sanctuary, the theme is created by Holy Spirit direction and is arranged by SIGN UP only, Sign up at the SRC church services to gain entrance. Every 4th Friday 6 pm through Saturday night 6pm.

Sedona Prayer Room

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Led by Florence Johns, an exciting ministry where flagging with scarves, streamers, and prophetic art is expressed on both canvas and with dancing.

These are creative tools used express the heart of the Father in worship.

Contact us today if you are interested in learning from and assisting Florence.

Open every Thursday and Friday at 7pm on a first come-first serve basis.

Personal, Powerful, Private prayer for healing of the whole person, body soul and spirit.

Contact us for any questions.


ASIN 1621661075

Patricia L. Garitson has a gift to identify the Kingdom Gospel that Jesus presented to His disciple’s in the first century. She is able to bring Kingdom truth to the forefront of practical application for today’s believer. Like few others, she can guide you through the maze of history and accurately cause you to see revelation in scripture. This will clarify, unravel and cause anyone to understand the hidden jewels of the Word of God. She can lead the reader or listener to come away better, sharper in wisdom, and eager to apply Kingdom truth to everyday lifestyle. She has the unique ability to encourage you to the best God made you to be through transformation of your personal walk with Jesus. Patricia realizes that God has created each individual with unique gifting and talents and she will help launch you in confidence to be a Kingdom Citizen fully engaged in a world eager to experience Jesus as Lord!

Patricia is a prophetic teacher who brings reforming revelation and a tangible reality wherever she speaks, whether in churches or conferences. She confidently points others to Jesus Christ and helps them identify Kingdom structure, values, and purpose. When she speaks destinies open up for many, enhancing their walk and bringing purposeful living to individuals, churches, cities, and nations. She has no greater joy than seeing others released into their supernatural potential and living 100% full alive in Christ.

Carl and Patricia Garitson Pastor Solid Rock Church and International Ministries in Cottonwood Arizona.  You may contact Patricia at The ministry headquarters contact is:

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